Dominic Scott
Global Education

Mark Fitzgerald

Mark is a Principal in the Development and Exempt Organizations Practice and the Global Lead Partner for the United Nations and USAID at KPMG. He is responsible for the delivery of professional services to US-based private foundations, NGOs, public charities, international organizations and donors involved in development programs. He is KPMG’s partner in charge of their worldwide Impact Investing practice. Mark has a strong oversight & assurance background, with a specific emphasis on systems reviews and management control issues.

Mark has assisted organizations in making grants and funding projects for a variety of charitable purposes in over 70 countries. Previously Mark was Director of Internal Audit and Investigation at UNOPS and has held senior management roles at KPMG, Deloitte. He has extensive experience providing services to the World Bank, various UN entities, the European Commission, & bi-lateral NGOs including DfID, DANIDA.