Dominic Scott
Social Entrepreneur and Impact Investor

Aideen O’Byrne

Aideen is an Executive Coach with a passion for empowering senior leaders and high potentials to undertake their desired professional and personal transformation. Trained in NeuroLeadership coaching, cultural intelligence and team building. Aideen has a strong international and commercial background with well- developed multi-cultural skills and emotional intelligence. An enthusiastic team player who thrives in dynamic and unconventional environments. She has lived in Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Venezuela, UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Canada and Ireland.

Part of Aideen’s success as a coach is her extensive international exposure and breadth of experience in the business world. Her career has spanned sales and marketing positions with Procter and Gamble and ICI Paints, property development/ investment of 12 residential properties over 3 continents and a return to the corporate world as Coach, Mentor and Organizational Development Specialist. She holds three Masters degrees from Insead, Pepperdine University and Temple University.